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Who/What is End Times “Babylon”?

I’m not a student of End Times.  I should be, but I’ve never gotten around to it.  Over the years, I’ve read a couple of books, chapters in the Bible, a number of articles and, of course, I’ve seen an assortment of internet videos on the subject.

However, to be a real student of End Times, I think I’d need to dedicate three months, six months, maybe a year or more to intense and exclusive study of that subject.  Just me, my Bible and my computer to slowly assemble and analyze all of the Biblical “pieces” to the End Times puzzle   So far, I haven’t had or made the time to do that.

Nevertheless, I’ve held a couple of superficial opinions on the subject that have been fairly consistent for the past 30 years.  For example, I’ve accepted the notion that the End Times “whore” that sits on “seven hills” must be the Catholic Church.  I’ve also supposed (and feared) that the United States might be the “Babylon” that’s destroyed in one hour or one day in Revelation.  I’ve never said or thought that those opinions were absolutely true, but I’ve accepted them as likely.

So, I was much surprised by the following video which, among other things, claims that there’s another city besides Rome (and the Vatican) that also sits on “seven hills“.  That city is located in Saudi Arabia and is the site of Islam’s holiest shrine:  Mecca. Based on a large number of Bible verses, the video argue that that Rome, the Catholics, New York City and the United States can’t be the “Babylon” of End Times.  Instead, the End Times “Babylon” must be associated with Islam and Mecca.

As I started to listen to the video, I thought, Oh-my-gosh, here’s another one of those crackpot theories.  I thought it was crazy. But, since I’d never before heard the argument that the End Times “Babylon” was Islam, I was curious.  So, I continued to listen to see what I could learn.  After five or ten minutes of skeptical listening, I began to think that the Islam-is-Babylon theory made a lot of sense.

The video hasn’t yet convinced me that the End Times “Babylon” must be associated with the Islamic faith and/or Mecca.  I’d have to verify every item of scripture that was quoted in the video to see that it wasn’t falsely interpreted before I began to believe the theory.  Still, the video makes arguments that impress me as possible, persuasive and interesting.

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