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Letters From the Past I

Silver Certificate vs FRN [courtesy Google Images]

Silver Certificate vs FRN–which one is “money”?
[courtesy Google Images]

Most people suppose that the concept of “money” is easy-peasy. What more do you need to know besides how to count it?

Well, there’s a lot more to money than mere counting. If all you know about money is how to count it, you don’t really have a clue.

The relevant information is deep, obscure, profound and confusing. The confusion isn’t accidental. The Powers That Be don’t want you to understand the nature of money because, if you did, you’d know that your government is mostly a racket.


What follows is an analysis of the first of three letters written to the Treasury Department from people who wanted to understand our monetary system.

In the 1990s, I had photocopies of these three letters allegedly written by officials of the U.S. Department of The Treasury discussing the nature of Federal Reserve notes (FRN’s). Those copies disappeared in a house fire. I can’t prove the photocopies were legitimate, but I have no doubt that they were. They were (and are) important because they helped fuel my interest in learning about the nature of money.

The dates on the first two letters were A.D. 1977 and A.D. 1982; the third letter’s date was unclear. Assuming these letters were legitimate and the statements they contain accurate, they offered some surprising insights into the realities of our current money system.

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Insidious Inflation

American Gold Eagle

Image via Wikipedia

Here’s a fine video offering a clear explanation of inflation and how our Federal Reserve Notes are being used to rob us.  The video includes valuable research and citation of relevant laws.

The author’s only oversight may be a failure to recognize the difference in venues between the States of the Union and the Territories.  Gold & silver coin is required within the venues of the States of the Union.  Federal Reserve Notes, however, are absolutely legal within the venue (or “plane”) of the Territories.

So, where are you?  Within a State of the Union–like “The State of Texas”–or in a Territory like “TX”?




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Bix Weir: Crash Could Come in March; $6,000 Silver Possible

2006 Silver Eagle 20th Anniversary Reverse Pro...

Image by Madbuster75 via Flickr

Bix Weir is the author of the “Root To Roota” theory which claims that Alan Greenspan (and even Ben Bernanke) are “good guys” who are trying to intentionally collapse the economy in order to strike a mortal blow against fiat currencies and force the world to return to a gold and/or silver standard for money. The idea that the Federal Reserve System is and has been run by guys determined to destroy the Federal Reserve System strikes me as extremely improbable.  Are we to believe that the people that Greenspan and Bernanke work for are so stupid that they couldn’t figure what the two Fed Chairmen were really up to?  I don’t think so.

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The Nature of Money: Greater Fools & FRNs

Mrs. Jester (the better half)

Image by Will Montague via Flickr

In 1998, everyone knew that the stock market was hugely overvalued. Nevertheless, people continued to purchase more stocks.  These purchases were justified in part by the theory of “greater fools”.

Under the greater fool theory, I can afford to foolishly pay $100 for a stock that’s only worth $50, so long as I can find an even “greater fool” who’ll pay me $150 for the same $50 stock.  My “greater fool” can safely pay me $150 (for the $50 stock) so long as he can find an even greater fool who’ll pay him $200, etc.

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