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When the Debt Hits the Fan

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Business Insider published an article entitled “Americans have $12.29 trillion of debt”. That article reported:


“Americans are still adding debt.

Household debt—which includes things as varied as mortgages and credit cards—increased to $12.29 trillion in the second quarter of 2016, an increase of $35 billion, or 0.3%, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit.

“The biggest increases came from auto debt and credit-card debt, which ticked up by $32 billion and $17 billion.

Mortgages, the largest section of household debt, actually decreased in the second quarter, according to the New York Fed. The decrease in mortgage debt seems to be driven by more people paying down their balances, as new mortgage debt continued to tick up.

Student-loan debt decreased by $2 billion, to $1.259 trillion . . . .”


According to Bloomberg, total U.S. corporate debt is about $30 trillion. The “official” U.S. national debt is about $20 trillion. Added together, that means the total U.S. household, corporate and government debt is at least $62 trillion.

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Two Competing Investment Strategies based on Two Opposing Premises

Savings [courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

A recent article in Mish Shedlock’s Global Economic Analysis declared in part,


“With central bankers globally suppressing interest rates, the [creditors’] search for yield elsewhere is on. One of the places investors have turned is speculative junk bond offerings.”


Here’s where I differ from such investors.  Those willing to invest in junk bonds believe it’s possible to reliably invest their wealth (fiat dollars) into some form of paper debt instruments (stocks, bonds, junks bonds, etc.) and recover an acceptable “yield” on their wealth.  Because the world’s central banks have reduced interest rates on what would ordinarily provide a positive yield (in bonds, for example), some investors seek “junk bonds” because they pay higher rates of interest.

From such investors’ perspective, they need only search though the various paper investments options until they find one that pays a positive rate of return.   If the option that pays the highest reasonable rate of returns is junk bonds, then they’ll invest in junk bonds.  If the option that pays the highest rate of return is stocks, they’ll invest in stocks.

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Jeff Berwick: US Economy Headed for Collapse

“This is the most dangerous time in human history for capital.”

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The Big Lie

Swedish rikdsdaler riksgälds, a fiat money fro...

Swedish rikdsdaler riksgälds, a fiat money from 1791. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The BBC recently published “Eurozone crisis: Fear returns” in which they reported:


“Just a few weeks ago the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, looked at Greece and declared ‘economic spring is in the air’.  Others were equally optimistic.  French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, said ‘The financial crisis is turning. Today the problem is solved.’  The President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, was equally upbeat when he said ‘the turning point in the crisis has been reached.’  The EU’s Economics Commissioner Olli Rehn chimed in with ‘the risk of explosion is behind us’.

“Today, such bursts of optimism seem foolishly premature. The eurozone is once again rattling financial markets.”


Did these officials really express honest “optimism” or did they tell lies intended to create unwarranted public confidence?

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Edwin Vieira on Gold & Silver Currency

2006-W Reverse Proof Silver Eagle (1)

Image by sirqitous via Flickr

Edwin Vieira is interviewed by James Turk on the subject of restoring gold & silver coin as constitutional money.

Another idea whose time has come.

The video is a little slow-moving, but it offers some good information on the growing political struggle at the State level to restore gold and silver coin as lawful currency.

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The States of the Union vs. the Territory

Various Federal Reserve Notes, c.1995. Only th...

Image via Wikipedia

I embrace the fantastic hypothesis that the federal government has created a second, alternative set of “states” that are, in fact, administrative districts of a “territory” rather than States of the Union.  In essence, this “State-vs-territory” hypothesis argues that “TX” is a territory while “The State of Texas” is a member-State of the perpetual Union styled “The United States of America”.  Whichever of these venues (territory or State of the Union) that you inhabit will determine your rights, your duties, your taxes, your liabilities to arbitrary, unlimited government or your liberty within a limited government.

The idea of two, alternative “venues” (the States of the Union and territories) is at least fifteen years old.  So far as I know, the first person to advocate this concept was Paul Andrew Mitchell (writing under the pen name of “Mitch Modeleski”) in his book The Federal Zone.  The concept was picked up and amplified by Richard Kegley, TJ Henderson, Ed Wahler and Dennis Craig Bynum in A.D. 2006 in a book entitled USA v US.  I’ve studied and explored this concept for at least 10 years and, fantastic as it seems, I believe this hypothesis to be true.

I realize that the idea that our own federal government would intentionally “overthrow” the governments of the States of the Union, supplant those State governments with territorial administrative agencies seems too fantastic to believe.  I’ve spent at least 10 years looking for evidence to disprove this incredible hypothesis.  But after ten years of looking all I can tell you for sure is that: 1) It looks like a duck; 2) it walks like a duck; 3) it quacks like a duck; and 4) it goes good with orange sauce.  I still can’t prove that it’s a duck, but I’ve seen nothing in 10 years to suggest that it’s not.

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Lindsey Williams Warns: Dollar Dies by End of A.D. 2012


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Chaplain Lindsey Williams claims to be closely associated with a couple of unidentified “global elitists”.  Over the past several years, these “elitists” have allegedly revealed to Chaplain Williams their plans to control and perhaps collapse the US & global economies.  Williams has shared his knowledge and predictions for several years in books and radio interviews.

I find his claims to be both credible and hard to believe.  They seem credible because they sound logical and plausible and he presents chains of logic that I have independently deduced on my own over the past several years.

On the other hand, Chaplain Williams’ claims are hard to believe because the “elitists” who are behind these various conspiracy theories have allowed Chaplain Williams to continue to expose their plans. Unless the “elitists” have an ulterior motive for allowing their plans to be exposed to the “great unwashed,” I’d expect the elitists to have (one way or another) silenced Chaplain Williams (or the couple of elitists who are spilling the beans) long before now. Assuming the “elitists'” plans depend on secrecy, and assuming that Williams has persistently exposed their “secrets” for several years, why hasn’t anyone whacked the good Chaplain?

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