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“She Lied Over Four Coffins”

Here’s a powerful drama for you.  Watch the ebb and flow.  It’s about a couple of people who cared enough to stand up and speak truth to power.  They weren’t rewarded.  They were thrown out of a public gathering.

But they were not ineffective.  In just two days since their video was published, it’s had nearly 1.2 million hits.  The two people who spoke out have opened eyes.  They made a difference.

I’ll bet this video cost Hillary at least 10,000 votes.  Before it’s done, it may cost her half a million.  May God bless those who have enough courage or passion to stand and speak out.

One more point.  When one man spoke out, he was ridiculed and shouted down.  When a second speaker, a woman, followed up, the man’s complaint was validated.  It’s not often enough for one man to speak out.  But if there’s a second speaker, a third or a tenth, the complaint becomes validated.

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Buying Automatic Weapons Without Background Checks

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