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Bill Clinton on Illegal Immigration

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Immigration Demographics

Too Many Gumballs? [courtesy Google Images]

Too Many Gumballs?
[courtesy Google Images]

The following video claims that, of the world’s 7 billion people,  over 3 billion are so impoverished that they earn less than $2 per day.  That’s over 40% of the world earning less than $2 per day.

Another 2.6 billion live in countries whose average annual income is less than Mexico’s.  These nation’s earn, on average more than $2 per day, but they still earn less than the average Mexican.

Thus, 5 billion (over 70%) of the earth’s 7 billion people are so desperate to escape their poverty that emmigrating into the US or Europe has to be a great and powerful dream.  These people are too desperate to give a damn about political ideology, religion or values. They live at the edge of starvation and will immigrate, if they can, simply to survive.

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