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Noah Webster Didn’t Define “Collective” as a Noun

Noah Webster (A.D. 1758-1843) [courtesy Google Images]

Noah Webster (A.D. 1758-1843)
[courtesy Google Images]

“Toland,” one of the regular “commenters” on this blog, posted the following comment.  I replied.  Both comments appear towards the end of one of my recent articles where they’re not likely to seen by many more readers.. 

On reflection, I think this pair of comments deserve to be posted as an article to ensure that they’re seen by more readers:


Toland’s comment:


Searching the internet for info on this William Blackstone you mention, a few results from this very blog turned up. Someone in November of 2013 was, like you are now, asking fellow commenters for a dictionary definition of “sovereignty” that’s consistent with supposed “individual sovereignty” in American law.

Also, like you are now, this commenter was asking the “individual sovereignty” campaign to square their notion with Blackstone’s definition of sovereignty as “the making of laws”.

Sure ’nuff this commenter in 2013 got back a combination of complete silence, attempts to change the subject, and fancy song-and-dance routines in reply – but not one responsive answer.

So we see that a conspicuous hole in the “individual sovereignty” campaign is its inability to make sense in terms of any definition of “sovereignty” found in a law dictionary.

The flaw is that fundamental, take note. Though it’s possible this is considered a problem only in the “real world”, where facts and law matter.

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