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Adask Video On MOOA, Sovereignty & Spiritual Warfare

The following is a video of a speech I delivered in A.D. 2012 at a Black church on the South side of Dallas.  I’d forgotten about it.

Today, a friend sent me a current link.  If I say so myself, this video offers a good summary of my fundamental notions on “Man Or Other Animals” (MOOA) laws, individual sovereignty and spiritual warfare.  It may take some effort, but if you can understand this presentation, you’ll understand what this blog is all about.  It’s worth you time.

video    00:42:40


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People Persons

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

‘ll bet that I’ve been listening to debates and arguments about the meaning, nature and possible disabilities of the term “person” for 25 years.  Even after all of that commotion, the meaning and implications of the word “person” is still not precisely clear to me.

However, last night I was reading the Bill of Rights and realized that the key to understanding the constitutional concept of “persons” might be found in the Fourth Amendment to The Constitution of the United States.  That Amendment declares,


“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”


Note that the “people” have “persons”.  “Persons” are not “people’.  Instead, “persons” are attributes or capacities of “people”.  “People” are real and primary; “persons” are relational, derivative and/or secondary.

While it’s possible that each of the “people” has only one correlative “person,” I doubt that’s true.

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Welcome to the “Best Legal System in the World”

Creationism:  Endowed by his Creator [courtesy Google Images]

Creationism: Endowed by his Creator
[courtesy Google Images]

Dr. Kent Hovind is a Christian minister and has been America’s leading advocate of Creationism for at least 20 years.  His crusade against the Theory of Evolution eventually brought him into confrontation with the federal government.  Back about A.D. 2007, the government tried him for a number of causes and sentenced him to ten years in federal prison.  He should have already been released, but the government has decided to try him for some more causes and is currently threatening Dr. Hovind (who’s in his 60s) with another 20 years in prison.

You might think it odd that the government would be so incensed by a minister who advocates Creationism, but if you’ve read any of the “man or other animals” articles on this blog (especially, my A.D. 2006 legal defense based on this subject), you can see that:  1) animals have no meaningful rights; 2) government has expressly defined us to be “animals” in relation to food, drugs and (medical) devices at 21 USC 321 in order to strip us of our rights.  So far as I can see, the only defense against government’s presumption that you are an “animal” is to claim to be a “man made in God’s image” who’s given “dominion over the animals” and therefore can’t be an animal.  Because the status of “man made in God’s image” flows from Genesis 1:26-28, that’s a fundamental principle of Creationism–for which Dr. Hovind is a primary advocate.

The Theory of Evolution has government’s approval because under that Theory, all of us are “animals”.  That’s why government hates Creationism because under that element of religion, we can’t be treated as animals.  I doubt that when Dr. Hovind was convicted about 8 years ago, he fully understood that his advocacy of Creationism posed a mortal threat to the current governmental system.  But I strongly suspect that the judges and prosecutors understood the threat Dr. Hovind posed, and therefore locked him (and his wife) up for eight years.  His wife has been released, but Dr. Hovind is still being held and is facing a new prosecution that might get him imprisoned for another 20 years.  If the government can get that second convictions, Dr. Hovind might spend the balance of his life in prison.

To most people, the fight between Evolution and Creationism may seem like a mere intellectual debate of little real importance.  But that’s not true.   The struggle between Evolution and Creationism will determine whether and your family have any claim on the God-given, unalienable Rights declared in our Declaration of Independence, or if you can be employed as a “human (animal) resource” and deemed to have no more rights than a cow walking up the ramp into a meat-packing plant.  The struggle between Evolution and Creationism is an essential evidence of spiritual warfare that’s being waged by the upper echelons of the US government against the people of The United States of America.  This conflict is no game.  It’s as big as it gets.

Incidentally, in his upcoming second trial, Dr. Hovind is being tried by the same federal judge and the same federal prosecutor as succeeded in convicting him in his first trial, 8 years ago.  What a coincidence, hmm?  That judge refuses to recuse herself.

•  Rudy Davis and his wife Erin have been working tirelessly for the past six or eight months to cause Dr. Hovind to be freed from prison.  You can only hope that if you are one day imprisoned that you have a friend as dedicated and determined as Rudy and Erin to work for your release.

Here’s a recent video of Rudy Davis demonstrating his shock and even rage at the injustice that’s being perpetrated by the “best legal system in the world” against Dr. Hovind.

You can see Rudy’s concern, shock, dismay and, if you watch the whole video, his righteous rage at the judges and prosecutors who are again working to destroy Dr. Hovind’s life.  At times Rudy is almost speechless.  This is not a video of someone who’s simply reading a script.  If you watch the entire video, you’re going to see something so real, so moving, that you may, yourself, be shocked.

Like I said, you can only hope that if you’re unjustly imprisoned, you have someone on the outside who’s as determined to set you free as Rudy and Erin Davis.

video    00:16:26



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MOOA and your Adversaries

MOOA:  A Jury of Your Peers? [courtesy Google Images]

MOOA: A Jury of Your Peers?
[courtesy Google Images]

If you’ve been on this blog before, you probably know that I am to some degree fixated on government laws that expressly define the American people to be “animals” and thereby deprive us of the God-given, unalienable Rights declared in our “Declaration of Independence”.

Over the past eight years, I’ve probably published 30 to 40 articles on this blog that deal with the “MOOA” (“man or other animals”) phenomenon.   You may know that I’ve used this insight and the grace of the Good LORD to stop a lawsuit by the Attorney General of Texas after he’d invested six years and nearly $500,000 in pre-trial investigations and hearings.

But in all of this, I only focused on presenting a freedom of religion argument that would prove that only I or other defendants were “men made in God’s image” and therefore couldn’t be “animals” or subjected to laws that presumed us to be “animals”.  Our status as “men made in God’s image” was protected by the 1st Amendment and our right to freedom of religion.

But I received an email today from “Jeff” that made me realize that the MOOA defense might significantly expanded to include others, even adversaries and jurors as “men made in God’s image” and therefore, not “animals”.

Here’s a copy of Jeff’s email and my reply:

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Consumers are “animals”?

Endowed by his Creator [courtesy Google Images]

Endowed by his Creator
[courtesy Google Images]

If you’ve read my previous articles on “Man or other Animals” (“MOOA”), you know that Genesis 1:26-28 declares:

“Gen 1:26  And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

“Gen 1:27  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

“Gen 1:28  And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

Given the repetition found in those three verses, there can be no doubt that God created man (mankind) and only mankind in His image and gave man “dominion” over all animals.

Thus, under the Jewish and Christian faiths, every “man” is absolutely distinguished from all “animals” by two facts:  1) man, and only man, is made in our Father YHWH ha Elohiym’s image; and 2) man alone is given dominion over all the animals.

Therefore, a Jew or a Christian can’t be declared to be an “animal” without violating a fundamental principle of his faith.

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MOOA Fights the Phantom “Was”

The Phantom "Was" [courtesy Google Images]

The Phantom “Was”
[courtesy Google Images]

As many of you know, back in A.D. 2006, I became the last of seven defendants to be prosecuted in a civil suit by the Attorney General of Texas.  Each defendant was threatened with fines of $25,000 per day ($9 million per year). The case started in A.D. 2001 and continued to be actively prosecuted until A.D. 2007 when, despite having invested six years and nearly $500,000 in pre-trial investigations and pre-trial hearings, the prosecution simply stopped.  We never received an explanation as to why the prosecution stopped—it just did.

I believe and have argued that the Attorney General dropped the case because of the Freedom of Religion defense that I (with the grace of God) presented.  That defense was based on the following facts:

1) Genesis 1:26-28 declares man to be made in the image of God and given dominion over the animals (which were not made in God’s image);

2) no Christian or Jew who based his faith in part on Genesis 1:26-28 could be charged under laws that presumed people to be “animals” without violating his Freedom of Religion; and

3) the drug and medical device laws under which I and the other six defendants were charged presumed us all to be “animals”.

In essence, you can’t define me as an animal without violating a fundamental principle of the Jewish and Christian faiths.  If you try to do so, I have a freedom of religion defense to stop you.

As I’ve described elsewhere, I believe this Man Or Other Animals (MOOA) defense is so politically explosive, that the government had no choice but to drop the case.

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MOOA meets Ecclesiastes 3:18

The Island of Dr. Moreau MOOA:  Man or Other Animals [courtesy Google Images]

The Island of Dr. Moreau
MOOA: Man or Other Animals
[courtesy Google Images]

If you follow this blog, you know that one of my major focuses (some might say “obsessions”) it the phrase “man or other animals” (“MOOA”) as it appears in a number of state and federal laws.  That phrase indicates that the government perceives us all as animals rather than “men made in in God’s image” (as per Genesis 1:26-28) and who are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights” (as per the “Declaration of Independence”). (See Man or Other Animals #1 and the “Category” “Man or Other Animals” which lists all of my articles relevant to that concept.)

By defining us as “animals” the government has achieved what Dr. Moreau attempted with chemistry and genetics in the fiction entitled “The Island of Dr. Moreau”.  By defining us as “animals,” the government has presumably stripped us of virtually all of our most meaningful rights, and relieved itself of the obligation “to secure these [God-given, unalienable] rights” to every man, woman and child (found in the third sentence of the “Declaration of Independence”).

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