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The Curse of Crude

Kuwaiti firefighters attempt to extinguish an ...

Oil fire at the Rumaila Oilfield, Iraq (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The political and economic “equations” that define the Middle East are too complex to be understood, let alone solved.  The number of competing forces and variables are innumerable.   Rates of change are too quick to comprehend or predict.  I doubt that there’s any cohesive order or even pattern in the Middle East.

We send ambassadors or armies to negotiate or impose commercial agreements or peace treaties.  When the negotiations (or invasions) are finished, what’s changed?  What’s been accomplished?  Nothing.  As soon as we turn away, chaos returns.

Look at Iraq.  After receiving over 8 years of tutelage (invasion, actually) in the fine art of democracy, as soon as Americans leave, the Iraqis are back to bombing and killing each other.

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