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President of the former “Evil Empire” Advocates Morality and Christianity

What irony, hmm?  In A.D. 1983, President Reagan described the former Soviet Union as the “evil empire”. Just eight years later (in A.D. 1991) the Soviet Union collapsed and ceased to exist.

Today, while the US government abandons Christianity and embraces homosexuality and Islam, Russian President Putin advocates that Russia must be a moral and Christian nation.

As Putin has already asked, “Who’s the ‘evil empire,’ now?!”–the US or Russia?

Insofar as morality and Christianity are critical to building strong nations, who do you suppose will win the struggle for national growth and strength–Russia or the US? Which “evil empire” is most likely to collapse in the next few years? The Christian nation whose government has turned away from God? Or the formerly atheist nation that’s turned back to God?

Insofar as any nation is inspired and given a sense of national identity by its leaders, who will best increase the public confidence and his nation’s ability to prosper–Obama or Putin?

It’s shameful that none of America’s leaders are as outspoken and determined to do what’s best for The United States of America as President Putin is for Russia.

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The Moral Foundation for Governance

Immoral men recognize no "lines". [courtesy Google Images]

Immoral men recognize no “lines”.
[courtesy Google Images]

The Washington Times reports in “The Putin problem: U.S. needs Russian rockets for spy satellites” that, last Thursday (March 13th, A.D. 2014) ,


“Secretary of State John F. Kerry said a “a very serious series of steps” would occur if the Crimean Peninsula, currently occupied by Russian military hardware and thousands of troops, votes to rejoin Russia. He did not get into specifics as to what those steps might be, only saying to a Senate Appropriations Committee panel that there would be ‘a response of some kind’.”

What’s “a very serious series of steps”?

It’s the boogaloo followed by the funky chicken followed by the lindy hop.   It’s never before been attempted on live TV but will be seen next week when President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry team up to make a surprise appearance on Dancing With The Stars.

In fact, a “very serious series of steps” may occur on Dancing With The Stars, but our government will take no meaningful steps to punish Russia for annexing the Crimea.

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