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Russian Video Depicts Obama as Devil

The Washington Times (“Obama depicted as murderous devil in downtown Moscow“):


“A video depicting President Obama feasting on the souls of a half-million people was reportedly projected onto buildings in downtown Moscow early Friday along with a message calling for him to be tried in international court.

“Video footage uploaded to YouTube shows a computer-generated version of Mr. Obama picking up little spheres colored in the national flags of several countries and placing them in his mouth.

“The president’s face gradually turns red and horns sprout from his head as he begins to chew and symbolically destroys the populations of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and Libya.”
Obama is not only despised by many Americans–he’s also managed to antagonize, alienate  and even terrify some people around the world.

The significance of this story is not that some private Russians pulled a “prank” by projecting an animated video of Obama on some building’s walls.  The significance is that The Washington Times chose to report on that “prank” and thereby gave it both exposure and credence.  I’d bet that Obama is highly incensed by the  Times’ choice.

A lot of Americans will see that video and nod in agreement.

video   00:01:07



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Mencken’s Prophecy

H.L. Mencken [courtesy Google Images]

H.L. Mencken
[courtesy Google Images]

I received an email containing the following:

H.L. Mencken (A.D. 1880 – A.D. 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic and registered Democrat.

Mencken reportedly wrote an editorial that appeared in the July 26 , A.D. 1920 edition of the Baltimore Evening Sun.  In that editorial Mencken observed and predicted that:


“As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. . . . On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”


Apparently, Mencken was more than a talented satirist–he was also a gifted prophet.

Mirror, mirror on the wall--Who's the fairest of them all?! [courtesy Google Images]

Mirror, mirror on the wall–Who’s the fairest of them all?!
[courtesy Google Images]


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Obama: “After We Had Brokered a Deal to Transition Power in Ukraine”

Since the overthrow of the lawfully-elected Ukraine government in early A.D. 2014, our government and the mainstream US media have insisted that the the crisis in Ukraine was precipitated by Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

In the following interview, President Obama (apparently working without a teleprompter again) admits that: 1) the US participated in the A.D. 2014 unlawful overthrow of the duly-elected and lawful government of Ukraine; and 2) this overthrow caught Russia by surprise.

Obama implicitly admits that the US overthrow of the lawful government of Ukraine caused Crimea to break free from Ukraine to join Russia, and precipitated the shooting revolution that’s still going on in eastern Ukraine.

Implications: 1) Russia’s not the bad guy in the Ukraine conflict; 2) the West’s current economic sanctions against Russia are unjustifiable; and 3) President Obama is a smooth-talkin’ moron who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

Right now, there are probably people in Washington DC who are screaming to know why Obama can’t be relied on to even conceal his own crimes.

video   00:00:49



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How Can You Spot a “Black Swan” in the Dark?

Female Black Swan [courtesy Google Images]

Female Black Swan
[courtesy Google Images]

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The Rodney Dangerfield of American politics

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

The Washington Times reported in “John Bolton Dubs Obama ‘weak’ and warns ‘a dangerous time’ is coming” that:


“Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said President Obama’s weakness on the world stage is only opening the door for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to continue his aggression . . . .  Bolton said, ‘We’re in for a dangerous time in Europe for the next couple years. And yet the president doesn’t seem to pay attention anymore.’”


Why doesn’t Obama “pay any attention anymore”?

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Guess Who?



















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Lies My President Told Me

First Lady watches Obama.  Anyone seen Michelle in the past few months?  I haven't.  She seems to have "disappeared".

First Lady watches Obama. Anyone seen Michelle in the past few months? I haven’t. She seems to have “disappeared”.

Barack Obama is a persistent, accomplished, narcissistic, shameless, and pathological liar.

I watched the collection of lies on the following video, looking for instances when I might be able to tell from Obama’s facial expressions, body language or demeanor that he’s lying.  In almost every instance, I have to admit that he’s too slick for me.  The man is equally convincing if he tells the truth or if he tells lies.

I can’t tell when he’s lying.

I wonder if he can tell when he’s lying.

I knew a woman once who was the best “salesperson” I’ve ever seen.  She really could sell ice to Eskimos and sand to beach bums.    I knew her pretty well.  I eventually realized she was such a superb salesperson because she had absolutely no concept of the difference between truth and lies. I tried to explain the difference and she gazed at me with her head cocked, like the old RCA Victor dog, trying to understand but totally incapable of doing so.  For her, truth was whatever worked.  Whatever the potential purchaser wanted to hear, that’s what she told him.  If she was caught in a lie, she smiled broadly and moved quickly and shamelessly to another lie.  She never displayed the least sign of guilt or even awareness that she was lying.

Obama reminds me of her.

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