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What comes after the welfare state collapses?

WelfareState1ZeroHedge published an article entitled, “Now The Pain Begins: S&P, Moodys Cut Illinois To Near Junk, Lowest Ever Rating For A U.S. State.” The article dealt with Illinois’ growing financial problems.


Today, in the span of a few hours, two credit-rating agencies (first S&P, then Moody’s) downgraded Illinois bonds to BB+ and Baa3, respectively—both just one notch above junk, the lowest rating ever given to a U.S. state. Both agencies cited Illinois’ long-running political stalemate over a state budget as showing no signs of ending.

S&P warned that Illinois is at risk of soon losing its investment-grade status, an unprecedented step for a state that would only deepen the government’s strain. Bypassing its traditional 90-day review, S&P said Illinois will likely be downgraded around July 1, when the new fiscal year begins, if leaders haven’t agreed on a budget that starts addressing the state’s chronic deficits.

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Socialism, Gun Control, & Hyperinflation = Economic Collapse and National Chaos

Venezuela should be a lesson to all of America’s leftists, collectivists, and gun-control nuts.

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Armed Debt Collectors = Government Desperation

Government Debt Collectors [courtesy Google Images]

Student Loan Debt Collectors
[courtesy Google Images]

In last week’s article, Placebo Economics, I compared the Federal Reserve’s primary strategies (Quantitative Easing and Zero Interest Rate Policy) for dealing with the recession to medical “placebos”.  I.e., they had little or no fundamental effect in themselves, but might still be useful so long as the public believed in them.

I wrote in part:


“ZIRP [Zero Interest Rate Policy] and QE [Quantitative Easing] have failed in Japan, the EU and US because the [people] no longer believe in the efficacy of those economic “placebos” or the wisdom of our “witch doctors” in the Federal Reserve and/or federal government.

“Once we stop believing in the ‘witch doctors’ at the Federal Reserve, how will the Fed ever restore our belief and confidence in their economic placebos?  Once we know that our witch doctors have nothing real (like gold- or silver-based money) to offer us and can only provide intrinsically-worthless placebos (fiat dollars; promises to pay rather than actual payments), the economy will not be healed by mumbo-jumbo and our economic witch doctors may be run out of town on rails.

“If the previous conjecture is roughly correct, the way back to prosperity will not be achieved by means of more placebos.  It will be achieved only by means of hard work and the “real medicine” of physical gold and silver.”

I was mistaken.  There is another possible “way” back to prosperity besides by means of hard work, gold and silver.  I don’t think this alternative “way” will work.  But the temptation to try it will be almost irresistible.  I have little doubt that that “way” will be tried by the Federal Reserve and/or the federal government.

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Civil Asset Foreclosure in Two Minutes

In essence, if the cop merely suspects that your money might’ve been associated with a crime, he can take it from you without a warrant, without a trial, without a conviction.   It’s an exaggeration to say so, but under civil asset forefeiture laws, if I were a cop and I claimed to “suspect” that you were the gunman on the “grassy knoll” who may’ve killed Kennedy  back in A.D. 1963, I could take whatever money you have without ever proving my suspicions were correct.

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Know Your Enemy

Some blacks are beginning to know who their primary enemy is.  Some whites ought to follow suit.

There are racial tensions in this country.  Some of those tensions are real, some are based on hyperbole.  But the primary problem is not between blacks and whites; it’s between the people and their purported government and “leaders”.

We’re being betrayed–openly betrayed–by people in positions of power whose primary interest is only to serve and enrich themselves.  Government has become a racket.  Maybe that was always true, but if it was, that “racket” was smaller and concealed.  Today, it’s in your face.  The cops can kill, the politicians can steal, treason is a way of life, a claim of “right” is dismissed as laughable–and we’re told that’s just the natural order of things.

This country doesn’t need more laws, tougher enforcement and more prisons.  What we need is more trials for treason.  Lot’s more.

The government must be held accountable for its betrayals.  We need to ensure that the government is held liable to the same laws and levels of force as the people.  There should be no more immunities, special privileges and titles of nobility for officers and employees of the government than there are for the people.

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Somebody Stands Up Against the Police State

Or More Necessary [courtesy Google Images]

Or More Necessary
[courtesy Google Images]

The following video might make you angry.  Or it might bring tears to your eyes.  A man risks his life rather than surrender to the police state.

Watch the cop.  See how casually he holds his gun pointed more or less at the “detainee”.  See how the cop casually looks around, walks around, and at times doesn’t even pay close attention to the detainee.

If I were that cop, and I truly thought that detainee posed a threat to me, I would not take my eyes off of him.  I would not hold my gun casually in just one hand; I’d have my feet set and I’d be holding that gun solidly in two hands, aimed directly and precisely at the perceived threat.

The fact that the fat pig holds his gun casually and isn’t really focused on the alleged “threat” posed by the detainee indicates that the cop didn’t really believe the suspect was truly threatening.  Apparently, the cop gets off by strutting around, waving a gun and scaring people. The cop’s conduct indicates that he’s waving his gun around as a terroristic act intended to  intimidate the public rather than to defend himself.

Apparently, the cops didn’t actually shoot the suspect.  They succeeded in terrifying him, alright–but they didn’t shoot him.  Why not?  Perhaps, because the suspect was defending himself with a video camera–and with a measure of courage.

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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Cliven Bundy [courtesy Google Images]

Cliven Bundy
[courtesy Google Images]

The Cliven Bundy standoff has apparently ended.  The Bureau of Land Management has withdrawn all of its helicopters, vehicles and hit men.  At least for now.

If the BLM comes after Bundy again, they’ll do a blitzkrieg and come so fast there won’t be time for the public to rally around Bundy. The BLM will probably start by cutting off the surrounding cellphone towers so no one will be able to call for help or broadcast live images of the raid and government brutality.  If the government kills anyone or burns their home to the ground, cutting off those cellphone towers (or otherwise seizing or disabling cell phones) will be evidence of government’s intent to commit murder–1st degree, cold-blooded, premeditated murder–without leaving any telltale digital evidence of their crime.

Nevertheless, for now, it’s time for the Bundys and all of their supporters to celebrate–and pray.

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