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Silver’s Future

CrystalBall1NEWSMAX reports that in A.D. 2012, America’s largest investment bank (JPMorgan Chase & Co.) held 5 million ounces of silver. Today, JPM holds a staggering 91.5 million ounces of silver! In just 5 years, JPM increased their stockpile 1700%.

In the first three months of A.D. 2017, JPM reportedly purchased 9.4 million ounces of silver. That’s an average purchase of over 3 million ounces per month. JPM clearly believes that silver’s price will rise.

Since A.D. 2000, silver has enjoyed an average annual growth of 10%. Plus, we know that silver can go to $48 per ounce, as it did in 1980 and 2011.”

More, since 2000, silver supplies have been in a deficit every single year. That means the supply of silver has not kept up with the growing demand for over 17 years and is unlikely to do so in the foreseeable future. Diminished supplies coupled with growing demand means higher prices.

Financial expert John Rubino believes that silver could exceed $100 per ounce. According to Rubino, the silver market is so small that if even a relatively modest amount of currency (“a few tens of billions of dollars”) flows into the silver market, the price of silver could start jumping by “$5 or $10 per ounce per day”.

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Odd Indicators

Which Economic Indicators Indicate the Truth? [courtesy Google Images]

Which Economic Indicators Indicate the Truth?
[courtesy Google Images]

How odd.

I’ve reported the weekly changes in the same nine economic indicators (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, Dow, NASDAQ, NYSE, USDX, and Crude Oil) since April of A.D. 2008.  Usually, at least one or two of those indicators run contrary to the remainder. I.e., if seven or eight are up, one or two are down—or vice versa.

The week of November 6th through 13th is the first time I can recall when all nine of those indicators were down in the same week.  Is that coincidence a “harbinger of doom”—or merely a curious anomaly?

The three pure commodities (platinum, palladium and crude oil) in my list of indicators were down an average of 10% each between November 6th to 13th.  Ten per cent?!!  In one week?!!  Damn.

Historically, falling commodity prices signal an economic depression.

In the same week, the three equity market indicators (DJIA, NASDAQ, and the NYSE) fell by an average of 3.8% each.  In just one week.  That decline isn’t unprecedented, but it’s nevertheless noteworthy.

Falling stock prices are another indication of economic recession or depression.

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End Of An Era For Gold Investors?

English: One ounce gold bar.

One ounce gold bar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Allen recently penned an article entitled “End of an Era for Gold Investors” in which he opined that price of gold had probably peaked and would decline over the next decade.  One of my readers of saw Mr. Allen’s article, sent a copy to me, and asked for my opinion.   

Mr. Allen’s article inspired some fears that I believe are unwarranted and even irrational.    Nevertheless, I probably wouldn’t have responded to Mr. Allen’s article, except that my reader was so frightened by Mr. Allen’s predictions that he was considering selling all of his gold–a course of action that I regard as irrational.

To say that I disagree with Mr. Allen’s prediction is an understatement.  

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