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Virtual President speaks on the Second Amendment

He’s right.  The reason the government wants “gun control” rather than “crime control” is that the 2nd Amendment was never intended to protect Americans against criminals–at least, not criminals in the private sector.  The 2nd Amendment was intended only to protect us against big government, against Presidents, Congressman, Senators and Judges, against treasonous whores in the cathouse on the Potomac.

Big government wants gun control because big government fears that the people of The United States of America will wake up and recognize the crimes and acts of treason already committed against the people by the government in Washington DC. (See, The Purpose of the 2nd Amendment)  Big government fears that if the people realize that they can’t use the courts and/or political mechanisms to stop the treason, that the people will resort to the 2nd Amendment to stop those crimes and act of treason.

Our current government wants “gun control” because government knows that treasonous, tyrannical government is the target intended by the 2nd Amendment.  Politicians don’t want gun control to protect the people.  Politicians want gun control to protect politicians from being shot.

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Gun Control Kills

Gun-nuts don’t fall far from the Tree of Liberty.

Guns don’t kill people; gun control kills people.

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Robert “Boomer” Steed Addresses Connecticut Legislature on Gun Control

The Connecticut state legislature is considering bills to outlaw the possession of “assault rifles” and large capacity magazines.  Here’s a video of one man’s testimony to the legislature on that subject. Boomer Steed makes some nice points, but so does at least one State Legislator who makes clear that people like Mr. Steed are not only being heard, but they’re also making a difference.

The point is that resistance is not futile and, in fact, may even be effective.

My points are that 1) we have both the opportunity and an obligation to resist and 2) we can expect to make a positive difference if we will stand up in a persistent and public manner.

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Rising American Police State sees American People as Primary Enemy

It's not just a "radical" poster.  Obama in particular and government in general routinely violates the Constitution (the People's law).  As such, he is an "enemy" of the American people. [courtesy Google Images]

It’s not just a “radical” poster. Obama, in particular, and government, in general ,routinely violate the Constitution (the People’s law). As such, Obama and government are “enemies” of the American people.
[courtesy Google Images]

The principle enemy of the people of The United States of America is the government of the United States.  A lot of people would probably dismiss that opinion as crazy talk from the lunatic fringe.

But the adversarial relationship that exists between the American people and the American government is not the least bit unusual.  The primary enemy of the people of every nation is their own government.  Government seeks to convince that it’s “here to help us,” but it’s here to rule and exploit us.

Did Rome really fall to the barbarians?  Or did Rome fall to the Roman government’s excesses?

Was Italy ruined by the Allies in WWII?  Or was Italy actually destroyed by Mussolini and the Fascist Government?

How many Germans died in WWII?  Who reduced the nation of Germany to rubble–the Americans?  The Russians?  Or the Nazis?  Germany was destroyed by its own government.

Who destroyed the former Soviet Union?  The United States–or was it the Soviet Union’s government and its idiotic enforcement of the philosophy of communism?

Similarly, who’s responsible for bringing the USA to the edge of economic collapse changing the Land of the Free into a police state? Who’s responsible for the loss of our liberty, standard of living and the American Dream?

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U.S. is #3 in World for Gun Deaths . . . But . . .



When governments prohibit guns, gun deaths rise.  

Big Bro’ kills . . . and I doubt that it’s an accident.



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Dayahm! This Little Girl Can Shoot!

Applause, applause! She doesn’t just stand and shoot; she shoots accurately while she’s walking. 13 years old. Pretty impressive. Her daddy must be proud.

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Sheriff Demonstrates Absurdity of Restricted-Capacity Magazines

Magazines (courtesy of Google Images)

Magazines (courtesy of Google Images)

The video below is impressive because it’s presented by a Sheriff who is openly opposed to restrictions on firearm magazine capacities.  Thus, there are some good people in law enforcement who favor 2nd Amendment rights over the unrestricted powers of government.

However, I think the facts presented as text in this video are more persuasive than the demonstrations of people firing pistols and repeatedly reloading.  In the video, the demonstrations are conducted by people who have multiple magazines sitting on a 50-gallon barrel immediately in front of them.  They stand in one place, shoot and reload repeatedly.  That’s a nice demonstration of personal abilities to shoot and reload.

However, in the real world, and in the event that I’m ever called upon to suddenly wake up and grab my pistol to defend my home, family, property, or life, I doubt that I’ll have the presence of mind to also grab one, two or three extra magazines.  I doubt that I’ll be able to simply stand and shoot at my attackers from behind a 55-gallon drum on which I can stack my spare magazines.  I’ll probably be running, ducking, trying to hide behind the chair or the table, mewing like a cat, and shooting from positions that make it unlikely that I’ll have a spare magazine instantly available if I shoot every round out of my pistol’s first magazine.

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